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First, the cooling air volume and wind pressure should be large enough, even if it is a little noise. The fundamental heat must be removed. As we said above, the high temperature of the mining mach...
When it comes to the cooling fan, estimates that everyone is very familiar with, deficiency in our life without it, home appliances, electronic products, digital computer, and so on, as long as the...
Calculation of expected value MTTF and L101. Product life expectancy MTTF refers to the expected time when 63.2% of the product is defective, or the time when the reliability is 36.8%. Product life...
Ac cooling fans Design principle: Ac fans and DC fans Are distinguished. The first source is an AC source, and the current of the source will have a positive and negative conversion.Unlike direct c...
Cooling fan authority experts know that if we disassemble the motor of the DC cooling fan, we can see that the DC cooling fan uses a frequency conversion motor, which can be identified from the pos...
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